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Wouldn't it be lovely

Hey, I am Niki I am new here. I am a poet and a person who loves to debate. I live in Coral Springs, Florida and am 16. They say I am smarter than the average person my age, but I say as long as I have a likable personality that I don't care and I do. I guess I can show you all a picture of me and maybe even a piece of work I have done.


and a poem too

My Head Hurts In The Morning

 I had another dream about you
It was sweet and you were soft
And then I felt your lips pressing agianst mine
And if that wasn’t enough you held me in your arms
Your voice was clear and your words were fimilar
As if I heard them before and not just in a dream
Your eyes were deep and my mine were deeper
You felt so real, but then I was awoken
And I sat in confusion
I kept asking myself why it had to end
And the answer was clear
It was the choice of yours and not of mine

<3 thanks for listening <3

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