Ruby Jane (jesusonstick) wrote in in_myeyes,
Ruby Jane

don't tell me that you can't see yourself in the sky tonight..


feedback on this would be great, thanks.

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thats a great picture. i love the reds and stuff in it. ive actually got a bunch of pics of the sunset above my comp. here at work that i took when i was in florida.
thanks, i took it a couple of years ago, near North Bay (if you know where that is.)

you on livejournal at work? *tisk tisk*
no idea where north bay is.

please, you expect me to do work at work? actually, i would, except that i use microsoft access, and im having a problem with it today. its a pain in the butt.
It's in Ontario, but it's not a big deal if oyu know where it is or not.

where do you work? what do you do?
i work for an ins. company. i work in the law dept, dealing mostly with bankrupticies. im the person that makes sure they get to the diff. areas of the company, and are processed and logged.
oh i see, keep up the good work! ;)
Good depth, good contrast, great colors. The only thing I can say is that I would have taken it a minute or two earlier when there was less darkness on the left. But that's just a personal preference..very, VERY nice!!
thanks, it took me a minute to find the camera, and oyu know how fast the sun goes down, thanks for your feedback.
Oh yeah, the sun going down? Been there..takes about 3 seconds in San Francisco..I can never get a decent shot!!
that's a great picture. good work keep it up
oh and i kinda like the darkness on the left... make you focus the colours on the right. again, just an opinion :)
thank you.
beautiful :)
merci <3