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all good things must come to an end

It appears that this community has died. I'm sad to say, it will probably be deleted unless someone has good plans for it. It was fun while it lasted. ♥ most of you are very cool and I would love to stay on touch via LJ. add me and I'll do the same.
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add me to fuckers I may post random drivel but im sexy so it doesnt matter. Love Ya Mean It.
how the hell have you been? whenever i want to IM you, youre on your mobile. whats new? how was bonaroo? my friend luke went but i havent been able to talk to him yet. meet any girls? :)
ive been good. You can IM me even if im on my mobile, and I can write back, its all good girl. Bonnaroo was fucking amazing, see my journal for pics. Im leaving tomorrow for Ohio to see family and such oh and oh yeah to see DMB June 29th Blossom Music Center ;)
nice, I'll be seeing them July 10th in Hershey

the both of you.
Come back
Added you.

People, add me too!

It was fun while it lasted.
come back, we miss you <3