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In my eyes

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Opinionated? Do you like to debate? Want to share artwork, photos, poetry, stories, talents? Well then we'd like to have you join us.

A few rules

*Post whatever you want a critique/feedback on in the community. If you see an interesting news article, saw a great movie/concert, took an awesome photo, if you write a poem/prose, if you puke and take a badass-looking picture, we're here for you. Just about anything goes. Debate whatever you want to debate about.
*Put long posts behind an lj-cut
*You don't have to be nice, but you do have to be decent. Keyword there is decent. Don't be a huge ass just because you can; try to limit the sarcasm. I know it's hard, but we're all human. The key here is to have fun and meet some diverse people.
*No advertising your communities here, please
*No racial, religious, sexual orientation, or otherwise personal insults. If this happens, you will be banned.

Maintainer: jessdreamer Jessica, 22, Pennsylvania

jewel51385 Ali, 18, Florida
chame Josh, 23, Georgia
mcface Mack, 20, Canada
brockhead Ben, 19, Washington
autumneyes4148 Sarah, 18, Massachusetts
bigbrain61 Brian, 22, Pennsylvania
phoenixrose Val, 21, New Jersey
lord_lardass Benjy, 21, Pennsylvania
exartifice Christy, 21, Massachusetts
xandalya Michael, 21, Pennsylvania
__apathetic Rachael, 17, North Carolina
boowoods Matthew, 20, West Virginia
eriu Tiffany, 20, Louisiana
irishelf Heather, 21, Illinois
luzestelar Cristina, 17, California
katjie3783 Amanda, 21, Massachusetts
silithluth Alexandra, 15, Austria
wasted_beauty Christine, 17, Arizona
balhatain Brian, 24, Illinois
mskatness Kat, 19, Michigan
madam_debris Ylana Rae, 17, New Hampshire
luvu4legos2 Stephanie, 24, Connecticut
faeriewingz1888 Leigh Ryan, 17, New York
jaderose Jessica, 20, California
ironyisdead Tiffany, 16, Canada
ezulychaosgurl Megan, 22, Michigan
poor_heart Jenn, 21, Georgia
lindylou24 Lindy, 24, Kansas
helenfin Helen, 20, UK
twine42 Paul, 27, UK

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