Ruby Jane (jesusonstick) wrote in in_myeyes,
Ruby Jane

Fill out the survey with lyrics from your favorite band: Damien Rice

1. Are you male or female? "she's still too young", "the blower's daughter"

2. Describe yourself: "the pupil in denial",  "Tiredness fuels empty thoughts I find myself disposed brightness fills empty space in search of inspiration harder now with higher speed washing in on top of me"

3. How do some people feel about you? "you give me miles and miles of mountains and I'll ask for the sea" ,  "there's always time on my mind so pass me by, i'll be fine. just give me time..."

4. How do you feel about yourself? "I find myself search of inspiration" , "but these kids they lost their graces", 

5. Describe an old girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: "I should have kissed you when we were alone" , "we might make out, when were are alone, it's not that we're scared, it's just that it's delicate" ,  "You know when you've found it,
There's something I've learned cause you feel it when they take it away." ,  "You give me three cigarettes to smoke my tears away"

6. Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: "no love, no glory, no hero in her sky"

7. Where are you? "close to nothing at all" ,  "on the road to nowhere"

8. Where would you rather be? "We might make love in some sacred place, the look on your face is delicate"

9. Describe what you want to be: "But I'm not a miracle and you're not a saint, just another soldier"

10. Describe how you live:  "i can't take my mind off of you"

11. Describe how you love:  "It's not that we're scared, it's just that it's delicate" ,  "Cheers darlin', i got years to wait around for you"

12. Share a few words of wisdom: "it's not hard to grow, when oyu know that oyu just don't know"

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